Folliculitis Pictures

Compare your symptoms with our collection of pictures of folliculitis and related conditions

Want to compare your symptoms with pictures of other folliculitis patients? Read on, and take a look at our image gallery below. It contains several pictures of people who suffer from everything from “minor” cases of pseudofolliculitis such as razor bumps, to people who suffer from deep seated folliculitis where hair follicles are severely inflamed/infected.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae (pfb) - the medical term for razor bumps.
Razor bumps
(Pseudofolliculitis barbae)

Pseudofolliculitis – razor bumps: Maybe you suffer from pseudofolliculitis, such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs, or perhaps you find that your problem is not just a shaving problem but true folliculitis. You are welcome to share pictures of your own symptoms via this page.

Red acne-like symptoms caused by infection
Infected hair follicles

Symptoms of folliculitis: The symptoms of folliculitis vary from tiny white pustules to large red pus-filled boils. The best advice is to take action as soon as possible before the symptoms leave permanent marks on your skin.

Large boil caused by recurrent, deep-seated folliculitis
Deep-seated folliculitis

Severe, stubborn cases of folliculitis: Some of the more severe, stubborn cases can be very disfiguring, and the symptoms often cause a lot of pain and distress to the patient. These severe cases may have started as a small problem but then worsened because they were left untreated. In fact, it isn’t uncommon that folliculitis gets worse rather than better if left untreated, or if treated the wrong way.

Irregular skin pigmentation and scars caused by folliculitis
Scars and irregular skin pigmentation

Scars and skin discoloration: As some of the pictures on this site show, scars and post-inflammatory hyper- or hypopigmentation spots are also common problems associated with folliculitis. It is possible to get rid of all of those problems, but you need the right folliculitis treatment – one that cures and prevents folliculitis from ever happening again.

Inflamed skin caused by ingrown hairs
Ingrown hairs and inflamed skin

Recurrent and sterile/non-bacterial folliculitis: Don’t worry if antibiotics failed on you, or if you suffer from recurrent or sterile/non-bacterial folliculitis – we deal with everything from itchy ingrown hairs and “untreatable” razor bumps to stubborn, chronic cases of folliculitis. A rapid, radical shift in this condition is possible, as our before/after photos show.

Pictures of folliculitis and related conditions – compare your symptoms

Hover your mouse over any thumbnail in the gallery below to show a larger, more detailed picture of the symptoms. You can also view large images of folliculitis and razor bumps in high resolution (click on the photos above to enlarge).

  • Small pus-filled blisters
  • Ingrown hair boil
  • Tinea barbae - neck area
  • Irritated skin after shaving
  • hair cyst
  • Coarse beard hair
  • Barber’s itch
  • Infected hair follicle
  • Scar tissue on jawline/neck
  • Hair bumps caused by ingrown facial hair
  • Ingrown hair infection - beard area
  • Irregular skin pigmentation and scars caused by razor bumps
  • Razor bumps - cheek area
  • Coarse beard hair and multiple hairs growing from one follicle
  • Razor burn on neck
  • Close-up photo of beard with patchy hair growth
  • Shaving rash
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (facial hair area)
  • Symptoms of chronic/recurrent folliculitis
  • Razor bump with a beard hair in the center
  • Ingrown hair - transfollicular penetration
  • Scars and irregular skin color caused by razor bumps and folliculitis
  • Pus-filled carbuncles and abnormal beard hair
  • Big lump caused by non-infectious folliculitis
  • Thick beard hair becomes ingrown
  • Cysts caused by ingrown hairs and folliculitis
  • Large inflamed white head pimples
  • Razor bumps and rash on neck
  • Sterile folliculitis - large boils on the neck
  • Ingrown hair, red bumps and irritated skin
  • Folliculitis scars
  • Pus-filled boils
  • PFB and shaving rash on neck
  • Inflamed skin with red center
  • Razor bumps on neck
  • Scar tissue from deep-seated folliculitis
  • Big red boils on neck and jawline
  • Razor bumps and patchy beard
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae on neck
  • Razor bumps/shaving rash on chin
  • Infection of hair follicles

Are your symptoms similar?

There is a good chance that you will be a good candidate for a natural-based treatment program if your symptoms look somewhat similar to the pictures of folliculitis seen on this page. Facial folliculitis and skin problems caused by shaving are our specialty. You are welcome to submit photos of your condition. We respond to you as quickly as possible. Click here to learn how you start right now, clear results are often seen within a few days.

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